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e want to PERSONALIZE your experience at Waide Physical Therapy. You will be evaluated by a Board Certified Specialist who will spend time with you and answer your questions. You will be followed by the same therapist every time who knows you and your condition.

We have developed the most highly Personalized and Advanced Physical Therapy Clinic in Western Kentucky.

We use the most Advanced Evaluation and Treatment Techniques to find out why you are hurting and to reduce your pain.

Our Goal is to Help You Get Back to Your Life!

Detailed evaluations and proven therapies get results

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Testimonials & Reviews

  • Russell P.

    When I first came in for Therapy, my range of motion was not good. I could barely put a shirt on and had trouble washing my back in the shower. Now, my range has increased dramatically and with less pain! I can also mow my yard and weed eat much more easily!…
  • Amy G.

    Before PT, I had pain since the mid 1980’s (circa 1986-87) from a car wreck where I was hit from behind. The pain was in my neck and shoulder. It prohibited me from doing daily activities such as driving or even drying my hair in a pain free manner. At this point in time, … I am able to do daily activities pain free. I can now drive without pain shooting down my arm and sit at a desk on the computer without my shoulder causing extreme discomfort.…
  • Tim B.

    I lifted a headboard…I ripped my left biceps muscle and it rolled up (in my arm) approximately 6 inches. (After surgery), I was unable to lift my arm unless assisted. (Later), I exercised my arm with a can of Campbell’s soup working up to Dinty Moore! I am now able to (lift weights) with 20lb dumbbells with NO PAIN WHATSOEVER! I would use Waide Physical Therapy again if I am ever in need of Therapy!…
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